KARYON: Smart Vehicle Technology

KARYON PROJECT is developing system solutions to enhance the safety and predictability of smart vehicles, such as unmanned aerial vehicles and driverless cars, so they can cooperate with one another in an open and interactive environment. The system solutions are also aiming to make smart vehicles compatible in existing environments, such as public roads and public airspace.

Kernel-Based Architecture for Safety-Critical Control
Kernel-Based Architecture for Safety-Critical Control. Source: Karyon.Project

Smart vehicles have performed well in controlled environments. They have not fared as well in open, interactive and cooperative environments. Such environments are inherently uncertain with too many variables at play in any given point of time. Smart vehicles are being equipped with advanced systems and controls that aim to make them safer. However, the same systems or solutions are so complicated that they pose new uncertainties and safety issues. The more components are at play, the more complicated the interactions shall be and this would lead to more variables. The outcome can be far too complex for smart vehicles to coexist in normal environments. This will demand new infrastructure for both smart cars and unmanned aerial vehicles, which will make such technologies quite unviable in the real world for widespread use.

KARYON aims to develop system solutions that get rid of the realm of unpredictability. The innovative technologies should be able to address all uncertainties in events of failures and there should be no problems with interactions and cooperatives in real complicated environments. This has to be achieved without compromising on efficiency, performance, viability and safety. The goal is to completely avert hazardous situations without impairing performance and sustainability. Autonomous vehicles need to coordinate with other driverless and driven or flown vehicles to coexist on public roads and in public airspace. Otherwise there will be a need to develop new and appropriate traffic infrastructures and that is not pragmatic.

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