Upcoming Automotive Technologies That Could Change The World

Technology has taken a quantum leap in recent years. It is not confined to the transformation of phones into smart-phones or mainstream mass media to social media. Technology has shaken up various industries and lead to an unprecedented evolution in a myriad of ways. Automobiles are a great example. For over a hundred years since the first automobile, cars had been a mode of transport. Their sole purpose was to transport people from one place to another. Cars did evolve in those hundred years. They became faster, safer, more reliable and various features were inducted to make driving more joyous and entertaining. However, the kind of transformation we are witnessing now is fascinating to say the least.

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The Smart Radar Era Is Now

Smart vehicles, such as driver-less cars and unmanned aerial vehicles, will need next generation radar sensors to achieve level four and level five autonomy. Smart radar sensors with much higher resolution than what is available right now are at the crux of such anticipated developments. LIDAR and cameras would have an integrally important role to play in smart vehicles. Radars are quintessential for long range detection and assessment of scenarios where sensors go blind and are hence unusable, such as inclement weathers. Existing radars would have to evolve and become much smarter to be relevant for autonomous vehicles.

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Kernel-Based Architecture for Safety-Critical Control

KARYON PROJECT is developing system solutions to enhance the safety and predictability of smart vehicles, such as unmanned aerial vehicles and driverless cars, so they can cooperate with one another in an open and interactive environment. The system solutions are also aiming to make smart vehicles compatible in existing environments, such as public roads and public airspace.

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Future-Car-Technologies to Look Out For

Our vision is simply to explore the continuing integration of  technology within smart automobiles and advancements and driver-less technology .


Future Car Technologies

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